Who we are

Since 1971 we support our clients in the protection of persons, information and infrastructures, facing, with consolidated competences and with an innovative and multi-disciplinarian approach, each aspect connected to:

Risk Analysis and Risk Management Consultancy Intelligence  Advanced Security Technologies Geopolitics

The mission of M&P is to create cost effective security systems which are based on the rational integration of Human Resources, Technology and Procedures.

M&P is able to quickly assemble a team of professionals, experts and consultants, with decades of experience on the field, capable to operate worldwide and with very unique skills.

Our motto is : Local Knowledge, Global Reach!

Competence Centers

The M&P Group offers companies, governments and more in general complex organizations a point of reference and competence for security business solutions and services in:

Security Consulting

Vulnerability Assessment Risks Analysis & Mitigation Plans Security Systems Design Innovative ICT Security solutions Anti-explosives devices Integrated advanced security systems Technology scouting

Intelligence & Assurance

International investigations Fraud prevention and detection Pre-employment & CV screening Litigation support & forensics Due diligence Technical Security inspections Brand protection


Compliance & Audit

Privacy Law 196/2003 Sarben & Oxley 404 Basel 2 ISO 27001 Safety

Geopolitical Studies,  Global Security Assessments & Training

Geopolitical and Country Risk Reporting Security & Threat Assessment on geopolitical developments, terrorism, crime, civil wars Security surveys at different kind of facilities such as seaports, oil rigs and terminals Collection, analysis and assessment of Middle-Eastern and Jihad related intelligence Evaluation of global terror threats, Jihad, grassroots cells, up-to-date reviews of strategic issues, in the Middle-East and Islamic world. Preparation of ad-hoc documents like manuals and site surveys reports Delivery of high-end security courses and training (hostile environment, defensive driving, training to police forces and gov. bodies)   


Value Proposition

The GeoSecurityŠ Suite

M&P Group’s professionals are able to collect, focus and filter information from across the security spectrum, and to produce prompt and reliable analysis on every country's security in Africa and the Middle-East, paying special attention to the security of local employees and workers, considering and evaluating critical socio-political variables like terrorism, crime or corruption.

With our suite of reports and services our Clients can check on the dangers affecting individual countries, receive detailed intelligence on what is happening and possible risks around  specific places, infrastructures, companies or people, and perform high profile investigations and due diligences on international financial operations, dangerous affiliations,  reliability of business contractors or insurance frauds.

Security managers at plants and infrastructures in countries at risk will also find analysis on key topics like terrorism trends by tactic or target, propaganda and radicalization, counterterrorism operations, prevention and mitigation strategies.

Our services also provide alerts giving early warnings of deteriorating situations, risks and threats.

The M&P Group has been operating in the security field for almost 40 years and it accumulated an extensive experience and know-how in geopolitical assessment and country risk reporting.  

The establishment of the operations in Israel and Kenya represents the apex of the Group’s presence on the market and an upgrade of its international reach and operational capabilities.

With highly experienced collaborators, sources and professionals distributed in virtually any corner of the globe, from the Middle-East to the Persian Gulf, from the Horn of Africa to Central Asia, the M&P Group is well positioned to provide wide range of services based on a solid expertise in:

  • Geopolitical and Country Risk Reporting
  • Security and Threat Assessment focused on geopolitical developments, terrorism, crime and civil wars
  • Security surveys at various types of facilities, with an emphasis placed on secured sites, seaports and marine vessels and installations, oil rigs and offshore terminals
  • Specific knowledge and monthly updated reports on IED (Improvised Explosive Devices).
  • Preparation of ad-hoc documents like manuals and site surveys reports
  • Delivery of security courses
  • Business Intelligence, including due-diligence and pre-employment checks
  • Insurance Investigations and Litigation Support

Our unique capabilities also include the collection, analysis and assessment of Middle-Eastern and Jihad related intelligence from web sources, technical evaluation of global terror threats, worldwide Jihad, grassroots cells, up-to-date reviews of strategic issues, in the Middle-East and Islamic world.


Our Requisites


ISO 9001:2008 Model D.Lgs 231/2001 Conformity D.Lgs 81/2008 Conformity D.Lgs 196/2003 Authorization art. 134 and 222 of the TULLPS for investigative activities